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Tony Eitzel

Tony Eitzel

I began working as a painter, primarily in water-colors. When I moved to photography I brought along my love of light, color, transparency and movement - all of the elements that make watercolor interesting to me.

I also take photos for architectural firms, sports teams, and businesses requiring flawless prints meetingstrict display demands.

It's probably because of this background that much of my photography happens in weather: clouds, rain, snow, fog, and some really bright sunlight too. To me, inclement weather makes the city seem at once elegant, powerful, and a bit mysterious. Weather brings a naturallandscape into the viewer's experience...we never just look at a landscape, we feel the weather in the place too. I like images to have a kinetic quality which isn't always evident in still photography. If I can, I try to shoot the always moving always changing life in the scene.

My emphasis is always on the "shot"...taken at just the right time, with just the right subject and composition. It takes time (often a long time) for conditions to develop. For example "Valley Fire Sunset" was taken just as sunlight shot through a smoky sky. Sunflowers were the subject, but the orange haze of smoke from a forest fire, and the momentary brilliance of the sun created a backdrop which simply could not be captured at any other time, in any other setting.

I try very hard to work within the limits of the camera, however, I'm not adverse to enhancing a scene as long as that conforms with what I saw. The result, I hope, is a photograph that is both realistic and artistic, evocative and interesting without being over-enhanced. Evenstaged "fine art" photos such as the girl in the hallway never get too far from reality.


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